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How to Recover Lost Pictures/Photos/Images from Formatted SD Card?

Along with the development of digital technology, data loss problem occurs more and more frequently. We may have to suffer great loss once important data is lost. Usually, data can be lost due to formatting, deleting, not formatted error and some other unknown reasons. Well, this article will focus on lost photo recovery from a formatted SD card. I would like to share what I know and give my advices on formatted SD card photo recovery so that you can have a clear understanding of data recovery and can deal with the similar problem when you meet data loss disaster again.

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Plug the SD Card to PC & Unformat SD Card Easily
In most cases, formatted SD card can be restored by using free SD card recovery software. However, under some circumstances, you may also find it impossible to restore some lost data. Why? If the lost files have been overwritten by new added data, the SD card will not be restored even using the SD card recovery software. In addition, if the SD card is physically damaged, it is impossible to recover files from SD card.

To perform data recovery on formatted SD card, you need to connect the SD card to a computer. You have two options to connect the SD card, either plug the card into a card reader and plug it to the PC, or connect the card via USB cable.

Simply say, by using SD card recovery software, you can restore the formatted SD card within three steps, which are select the SD card =>> scan for the lost files =>> recover lost files.
Select the SD card: When you run the SD card recovery software, the software can recognize all devices on your computer, so you need to select the SD card as target device for data recovery.

Scan for lost files: Once you select the SD card as target device, the software will scan the card for lost files automatically. The whole scanning process may last for a little long, but in fact you don’t need to wait it to be finished. You only need to wait for a few minutes and then stop the scanning; you will find all found partitions after scanning.

Recover lost files: When you see all the partitions after scanning, you can select those partitions and view the files on them. Then you can specify the files you want to recover and save them to a storage device. It is not allowed to save the recovered files to original SD memory card.
Cases on Forums about formatted SD card photo loss
Case1: Hi, I meet a big trouble on my SD card. I format the SD card by mistake and continue writing some new data to the card. The SD card is an 8GB SanDisk card which contains about 2GB data before formatting. The new added files are deleted manually. Now, what can I do to recover the 2GB lost files due to formatting? Please give me some suggestions.

Case2: I have a 32GB SD card, and I often store my holiday pictures to the card. Then one day, I plugged the card to my PC and copied some data from the card, but I made an incorrect choice and format the card. I haven’t used the card any more since I formatted it. I believe I can find a good solution to unformat the SD card, but I cannot risk selecting a not good program which will make me lose the only chance of recovering the lost files. Does anybody know some good data recovery tools that enable me to recover the lost photos from a formatted SD card?

Recover Photos from Formatted SD Card
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